Digitize processes, store data and information from all departments.
Interface your ERP system with Industry 4.0 machines through our MES.
Power Business Intelligence to analyze your work's performance.
Make real-time data-driven strategic decisions.

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What Is It?

Landscape is a comprehensive suite of software applications designed to revolutionize and digitalize business management across various industrial sectors. This integrated solution enables businesses to automate processes, improve operational efficiency, and make more informed decisions.

The various applications within the suite link a wide range of business functions, from optimizing production and maintenance to quality control, sales management, and more.
These applications digitalize and integrate processes, allowing for more efficient workflow and better operational traceability.

Landscape empowers businesses to make data-driven decisions, reducing waste, improving quality, and increasing productivity. It's the ideal solution for companies looking to embrace Industry 4.0 digitalization and make smarter, resource-optimized business choices.


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Application Programming Interface (API) Infrastructure

The core of Landscape, known as BEE, is the application programming interface (API) infrastructure. BEE enables data digitalization and communication between systems, software, and machinery.

This interoperability is crucial for the entire suite's operation and, while adhering to stringent security criteria, it also allows for integration with third-party applications.

Landscape is a layer

The Suite

We have developed a suite of applications based on standard manufacturing processes for most industrial sectors.

By flexibly composing the package, you can digitize what matters most to you and your business.

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Manage Manufacturing. Ensure Quality.

Monitor and record all production phases, from raw materials to finished products, creating timely communication between departments.

Together, these applications enable an integrated and optimized workflow, ensuring quality, traceability, and efficiency in the company's production process. Reducing waste and disputes.

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Production Traceability and Control

ROW manages the entire production chain, from raw materials to finished products. It monitors and traces every phase, from order creation to actual production, ensuring complete traceability and waste reduction. ROW integrates information with AIR and IVY for seamless communication between production, quality control, and maintenance.

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Predictive Maintenance

IVY is the tool for scheduling equipment and machinery maintenance. It guides preventive maintenance interventions and records special ones through its interconnection with ROW. By analyzing maintenance data, IVY helps prevent unplanned machine downtime, reducing maintenance costs and enhancing overall operational efficiency.

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Control and Report

AIR focuses on the quality of the production process. It records and analyzes quality control data, reports non-conformities directly to departments through its connection with ROW, and helps ensure that products meet required quality standards. The collected data is also used to generate reports for ISO certifications and continuous improvement.

Control. Choose.

Using Landscape's Finance-focused apps offers better financial control, increased operational efficiency, and a stronger foundation for informed business decisions in the financial and commercial sectors.

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Financial Chart of Accounts Management

TREE is a powerful and flexible all-in-one application designed to revolutionize the analysis of financial data derived from the enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. This tool provides a clear overview of the company's financial performance, enabling the Finance department to gain critical insights for strategic decision-making and facilitating monitoring of the company's financial health in the short and long term.

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Price and Margin Management

DAM helps define sales strategies based on financial data and past performance to accurately determine expected margins. This application simplifies the management of commercial conditions, including sales prices and discounts, improving the operational efficiency of the Sales department.

Boost Sales

Commercial information; market history; competitor data: everything is collected and used to make strategic decisions that maximize output.

The combined use of these apps significantly improves the efficiency and effectiveness of the Sales and Marketing departments. It helps sales representatives manage customer relationships, respond quickly to market demands, create personalized offers, and ensure high levels of customer service, translating into increased sales and business profitability.

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Control Customer Portfolios

EAR simplifies field sales work. It digitally records critical customer information and interactions, creating a digital historical record for the company. It enhances sales representatives' productivity by generating easily accessible operational plans, helping manage customer relationships more effectively.

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Smart and Always Up-to-Date Quotes and Orders

HAY simplifies the creation of quotes and orders and enhances communication with logistics. By using data from production (ROW), the technical office (OAK), and the Sales department (DAM), this app allows sales representatives to create customized offers quickly and efficiently. This enables greater responsiveness to customer needs.

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Store Data and Create Documents

OAK manages all technical product data with just a few clicks and automates the generation and distribution of technical support documents to customers. Thanks to DAM, sales representatives can easily access this information during negotiations, making the sales process smoother.

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Landscape in a Nutshell

What Does It Do?

  • Creates efficient interfaces to collect data and record actions.
  • Gathers information and transfers it to dedicated software for analysis and storage (ERP and BI).
  • Integrates data.
  • Standardizes procedures and aids operators.
  • Digitalizes communication between departments.
  • Collects digital information and generates real-time reports to make strategic decisions.

Who Is It For?

  • Companies that manufacture and sell products.
  • Those who want to digitize and analyze their work.
  • Those looking to increase controls to enhance efficiency.

Areas of Application

  • Comprehensive management of raw material inventory from order to transformation.
  • Creation of Semi-Finished Goods/Batches and warehousing.
  • Production startup and control.
  • Quality control and traceability.
  • Machinery maintenance and intervention recording.
  • Enhancing the sales process.


  • True digitalization: Industry 4.0 for genuine communication with machines.
  • Sleek interfaces designed for humans.
  • Farewell to paper and real-time data collection for analysis.
  • Standardization of control and production procedures.
  • Reduction of waste and errors. Quality assurance.
  • Tracking of all phases and operations performed.

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